A Familiar Place (Journal Entry)

You just fall into this place without any warning. The black wave has just taken you into this place and now that you have surfaced you see that your environment has changed. There is no longer any light. That beautiful light that once shone upon your soul has vanished.

This place is very dark, cold and frigid. You can barely see your hand in front of your face. You try your hardest to see what is right in front of you but you can’t, you are not allowed. It has become difficult to breathe. You take every breath with caution. You fear that this breath may be your last so you take it in and hold it. You hold this breath safe inside yourself and pray that you will make it till the next.

You ask yourself how did you get here? What have you done to the world for it to take away something so precious as your happiness. You realized that the ending to this horror story is your choice. Either be the cause of your death or live a slow and painful life.

In this place you have very few choices and opportunities. Nothing good ever visits this place, only sorrow, pain and despair. There is only a matter of time till you accept the fact that you belong here. Once you accept that fact you then settle into something the outsiders like to call depression.

The outsiders are the people you wish you could be, the people who pass by you everyday not knowing your dying, and the people who stop in once in a blue moon to appear as caring people. But you know better than to accept their pity, simply because it makes you weak. You don’t exchange any words with these people because they simply don’t deserve it. They see you as a completely different type of species. They feel that you don’t belong here and you shouldn’t be anywhere near their happiness. Simply because you will poison it with your darkness.


2 thoughts on “A Familiar Place (Journal Entry)

  1. Andrew says:

    “But you know better than to accept their pity, simply because it makes you weak.” yep. well put…

    • When I wrote that journal entry I was extremely upset at the way people were treating me for being so different. I knew I did not need anything anyone had to offer. I was to go through the darkness alone.

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