A Sad but Expected Farewell (Journal Entry)

You were always there for me. Your job was to bring me back to reality and indeed you did. I feared for this day but it has come, the day when you can no longer fix me or cure my insanity. You can no longer help me pretend things are fine. I’ve finally realized that nothing is permanent.

In my life, nothing ever comes to stay for good. I would expect for things to leave when I was good and ready. I should be able to push the “unwanted” out of my life but, I don’t get that privilege.

No one seems to understand how much this pain’s me, how I hate having something I’ve grown attached to ripped from my fingers. I’ve grown to need you, I need you like the air I breathe into my lungs. I need you in order to survive the day and without you life will become impossible to bear.

I don’t understand how am I suppose to get through hard times without you. What am I suppose to do when I feel as if I can’t go on? You were the one who used to free me from these horrible feelings. I truly don’t know how will I survive without you. But I guess I’m forced to try.

I’ve always known that this day would come but, I feel that it has come to soon for I am not ready to let go.


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