Stop! Don’t Cut!

Feeling that urge? Give yourself a moment to think with a Glitter Jar.


Tribute to self-mutilators

In a moment of panic, sadness and pure rage we’re expected to create a masterpiece. We’re expected to do so much. We expect so much from ourselves and expect much more from others. We expect them to do what we can’t, give what we can’t, be what we can’t be… sane.

What makes them sane and us not?

They cry and feel sadness,

we cry and feel shame.

They laugh and feel joy,

we laugh because of pain.

They go through life one day at a time

we go through life one cut at a time.

They are the one’s who see the glass half full,

We are the one’s who see it half empty.

They see what’s right with the world,

We see what’s wrong with it.

No matter how they put it the glass is not full.

And you know what,

when somethings wrong

they shed tears,

and we shed blood.

Is that what makes them sane and us not?

No that is what makes them weak.