Glitter Jars

Glitter Jars

Settled Glitter Jars

Purpose: A glitter jar or calming/serenity jar is a tool used to redirect your thoughts and give yourself some time to help control your impulses.

Using the jar: When you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or have the urge to self-harm. Just shake the glitter jar and watch until the glitter is settled. It will calm you and hopefully the emotion you had will pass. This will give you a chance to fight against your urge. It can give you an opportunity to change your mind and choose not to hurt yourself.

How to making a Glitter Jar


  • 1 Jar or Bottle
  • Clear Glue
  • Warm water
  • Glitter
  • Food Coloring
  • Something to stir with (Small wood stick)

Directions: Here are my directions for making the purple glitter jar pictured above. I used a cork jar instead of the traditional mason jar. Also, when this jar is shaken it appears purple but when the glitter calms it turns pink.

Step 1: Add the glitter to the jar. I used 3 types of glitter and confetti. I used a light blue and dark blue Fine Glitter, some coarse dark blue glitter and some silver star confetti. You can use 2 types of glitter if you don’t want to add any of the extra items. Just make sure one glitter is fine and the other is coarse.

Step 2: Add some Clear Glue. You want to about an inch thick of Clear Glue. The jar should be a little less than half way filled by the clear glue and the glitter.

Step 3: Stir. Use the wooden stick to stir the glue and glitter mixture. This will help prevent clumping. Make sure to stir well.

Step 4: Add warm water. Then, add two or three drops of pink food coloring. Stir again until everything is mixed.

Step 5: Add some strong waterproof glue to the cork and cover the bottle. If you used a mason jar then just ensure you close the lid tightly.

All Done. Shake and enjoy.




One thought on “Glitter Jars

  1. kjoy85 says:

    This is an interesting idea. While I don’t have problems with self-mutilation, I do have anxiety disorders due to Sensory Over-Reactivity Disorder. These glitter jars would give me a different sense to focus on when I get over-stimulated.

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