Stranger Sitting in the Park

I see you sitting there alone. You are so alone and sad. I wish I could walk right over to you and tell you how much I hate you. How I hate what you did to me, how you couldn’t just mess up your own life but how you had to pull me down with you.

I want ┬áto tell you that you were selfish and didn’t think of how your actions would affect me. I want to tell you how I hate the way I look because I look just like you. How everyday the mirror shows me your face. The same hateful eyes stare back at me. I want to tell you all of those things but I don’t. I choose not to say a word.

I choose to leave you alone because I no longer am mad at you, I don’t hate you anymore. There is nothing in my heart for you. All that is left is just pity. I feel sorry for you, simply because you made all the wrong choices in life.